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Killing it!
Hey everyone! I'm one month into Keto and I'm killing it so far! I started at 278 and this morning the scale put me at 247.2, I know i'm going to hit a plateau soon but i'm enjoying it ...
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started by Ajaeinc, 4 months ago.   
leaving this group
After all these years I'm leaving this group because I only have 15lbs left to go!
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started by mmmlive1999, 5 months ago.   
New to group
Hi everyone. I am new to the group and I joined for the support system that is found in groups. I want to be a healthy version of myself again!
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started by MyrnaPot, a year ago.   
Hi All
Good Evening to All, Hi, i am new to this group & was pleased to know that there are many like minded individuals here. I am on Fatsecret to decrease my weight & live a healthy lifestyle. I am ...
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started by Abhijitghag, a year ago.   
New to fatsecret and this group
I saw this online and I thought I'd try it out. I've dealt with being overweight all my life until 6 years ago I finally got it under control I got down to 119 Lbs. 2 years ago ended up with s ...
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started by Blueidgrandma.   
New to the group
I've been pretty stable with my weight for years now but am really wanting to lose the weight. Currently at 183.2 would love to be around 145 and see where that takes me. Haven't ate the best ...
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started by victoriangurl.   
New to this
I was thin all of my life up to the past 5 years when I began to gain. Ugh! Got way too close to 200 lbs for my liking (way too heavy for my stature) so I decided to do the diet thing. I'm not ...
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started by Betheroo, a year ago.   
New to this
Good Going Betheroo!!! Keep it up!
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started by Betheroo, a year ago.   
Holiday in 10 weeks
Hey everyone, So I'm new to the group. Used Fatsecrets when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding and successfully lost 3.5 stone. Unfortunately since getting married, all the weight has crept ...
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started by laurabritton83, a year ago.   
hello there :)
Hi everyone :) I decided to join this group to get some motivation and the push i need to finally reach my ideal weight. I am overweight for 3 years now and my weight just keeps on getting out of control. ...
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started by JoAnneCruz.   
As you are working on improving your health, health issues keep popping up.
My health issues motivated me to make some changes. I lost over 100lbs, you would think I should be doing better. I've had many roadblocks that at many moments i just wanted to walk away. What& ...
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started by Mari0416, 2 years ago.   
Clean Eating the UNHEALTHY Truth a R.D. Perspective
Mind blown! I never thought of it this way! She rips apart Panera Bread's clean eating campaign. :shock:
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started by floodjlc, 2 years ago.   
I'm really close to my goal having lost 43.2KG so I'm now on IIFMM diet but I'm struggling to find yummy recipes which have flavour, chicken and fit my macros. Its only week 1 of 11 and I& ...
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started by randabradley, 2 years ago.   
How to beat the weekend eating
I've really be struggling to keep to my eating plan during the weekend, during the week I can say no to temptation but during the weekend I'm in reward mode and it is a really bad habit. Any tips?
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started by Roche86.   
Hi there everyone, I just wanted to say hello as I've just signed up to fatsecret. I'm a Brit abroad and have been travelling for the past two years - in that time my weight has shot up by 12 ...
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started by kirkyloon, 2 years ago.   
Exactly 25lbs to loose - Eat Clean and Exercise - Starting 08-08-2016
I have done all sorts when it comes to loosing weight. I think now, its time to actually make it a lifestyle. There is a saying that what ever you do for 21days, you somehow get used to it so I would like ...
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started by Fosky, 2 years ago.