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Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 13:22

Weight loss plan is going great thus far! Just over a week and I am taking my first cheat day. Was hoping to at least be 2 weeks in before taking a planned cheat day, but going from a sedentary lifestyle to exercising, I realize I need something in my system to burn.


The goal is 5 fuelings a day with 1 meal that consist of 1 lean meat and some green (i.e. fruits and veggies). My diet consist ~45% carbs, 35% protein, 20% fat on average. Exercise goal is to at least do 15 minute strength-cardio workout every other day (jessicasmithtv on youtube) and 5 minutes of yoga 6 days/wk for 6 weeks. I successfully completed week 1. On to week 2. The exercise time may seem low but, I have spent about 4 years with a chronic health issue that limited my physical activity. I am easing my way back into being physically active slowly, to prevent injury.


My challenge is my partner. We set up a weight tracker and turned weight loss into a competition. On the weekends, I stay over his house. He hasn't started his regiment yet...he plans on starting next week. So being at his house is a challenge because he eats differently than I do and has not fully committed to the cause just yet. He is a great cheerleader when I workout but when it comes to the food, he tempts me with things that I shouldn't be eating - particularly since it's football season and alcohol is abound. I have limited myself to not take more than one shot of vodka on any given day of the weekend. But his mom brought some butterscotch krimpetts to the house and I just could not resist. lol. I ate 3 krimpetts on Friday but did better on Saturday, just eating one.

Any ideas on loosing weight with partners?