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Getting Partner's Motivated with You
WEIGHT LOSS STATUS Weight loss plan is going great thus far! Just over a week and I am taking my first cheat day. Was hoping to at least be 2 weeks in before taking a planned cheat day, but going from ...
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started by courtneythompson, 2 months ago.   
Time to Re-Start the journey!
After working 3 years in Africa and getting in really good shape (lots of muscle mass and major physique change), the last 100 days have been all down hill. It's not all that negative as I was rec ...
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started by Teddy0682.   
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year. I am 36 and have 15-20 lbs. to lose. I am on a gluten free, goitrogen free, vegetarian diet. I want to lose all this weight so I can look good again and be ...
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started by crstlgls, a year ago.   
New here!
Hi ya'll! I'm 2 months postpartum; just had my second child and feel so weak in my core. I found this app and quickly became obsessed with tracking my food and exercise. So far, it's been ...
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started by ahundredwaters, 2 years ago.   
Fresh start
Today i start my healthy weight loss journey, yet again :? Sometimes think to myself that if i just carried on i would have been by my goal weight a long time ago!
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started by lelaniej.   
starting to see results!
very happy day today. i am down from 68.5kg to 66.2kg over the last 2.5 weeks - been following a eating plan of oats, eggs, chicken, vegetables, and fish. training for 45 min 3 x per week (will increase ...
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started by nuks25, 2 years ago.   
Birthday Goal
This year will be my 32nd birthday and I have been overweight since I started having children. Though people say I don't look overweight or I do not look as big as I am, I personally feel I need to ...
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started by Eleanor Lewis, 2 years ago.   
New here
Hi im new here, you can call me Frel, im 29 years old. im aiming to lose weight, currently im 65 kilos and my goal is to have at least 55 kilos. Im 2 years married and still dont have a child (sad thing). ...
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started by April Ann Domingo, 2 years ago.   
Easy way to burn 500 to 600 calories.
Donate blood! :d :lol:
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started by MonicaIvy.   
Great Tool
My health/business mentor & friend told me about this website/app. It works great to track progress. A super easy way to track food intake and exercise. Does anyone know if there is a way to track ...
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started by pjzimpel, 2 years ago.   
New to this Group
Im new here to this group. my name is Heather. i am 33 fixen to turn 34 in March. I recently had my son 7 weeks ago today and I have 25 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight.
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started by heather sexson.   
New to FatSecret - Love it so far!!
Hi Everyone! I just found the FatSecret website/app last week and I really love it so far. I'm a stay-at-home mom of two boys. I'm having a frustrating time losing the extra baby weight after baby ...
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started by nattie720.   
I'm new, can you Help?
Hello Friends :) I just joined and I'm getting familiar with the site. Does anyone know how to adjust your activity level :?: -Thanks!
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started by michelerequena.   
:evil: I have been working my butt off, burning 2100 calories a day and eating under 2000 calories for two weeks. Only down 2 lbs and my weight keep fluctuating up every day or so. Hope this turns a ...
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started by MonicaIvy.   
Just turned 37 and have 20 pounds to lose
Hi! My birthday was in November and it is amazing how time flies! The holidays have taken their toll so I am looking to get 20 pounds down by June 1st. Does that sound like a manageable goal?
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started by Jessica300, 3 years ago.