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I am having a very hard time finding a diet that will result in fast weight loss, yet be healthy. I researched the raw food diet, and it looks like both of those goals can be accomplished by eating raw food!
check out videos on youtube to see the benefits of going raw. Even better, those benefits are apparent after only thirty days.
Lets do it together!


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raw food info on the internet is abundant!
anyone into a raw food diet can find lots of good info and you tubes in a few clicks so…no excuses for ignorance ! the huge advantage to this, is that it is truly a lifestyle change and as such, once ...
by bellcurvz on 05 Nov 15 06:44 AM
Start Raw Diet
Hi guys and girls, I am looking for help and support in changing my vegetarian diet to a raw food vegan diet. Any advice on this topic is more than welcome. Any stories on your own personal journey will ...
by Stellenbosch on 17 Jun 14 03:38 AM
raw- calories
Yes. When I go to the "diet spa" they always premeasure nuts and dried fruit in those little paper condiment cups--Costco has them here--so you can portion control. 6 Almonds, 2 Apricot halfs ...
by deetermined on 01 May 14 08:54 AM
Day One...
Well, a mixture of nuts and seeds I have on hand, some soaked bulgar wheat, a pureed tomato or two, ground cumin, chili powder, garlic salt (or fresh garlic and salt), and some sweet peppers. I blend ...
by Vickiauntmick on 16 May 13 05:42 PM
Slow weight loss but FAST & APPARENT body change
I have been doing this since Xmas last year. The scale only shows I have lost about 8 lbs. However, my clothes fit different. They are looser. My gut has mostly disappeared. My saddle bags are gone. Gone! ...
by sweet122 on 22 Feb 13 06:38 PM

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by Gatorex
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Me at 234.4 lbs- wanted a record of how I look right now
by Vickiauntmick
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Raw Food Pyramid - thought this was cool
by Vickiauntmick
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Raw vegan veggie burger, with nut mayo, and all the fixins
by Vickiauntmick
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