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FatSecret members recently rated these recipes for Ultrametabolism, Preparation Phase:
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Caramelized Brussels Sprouts
Brussel sprout haters will be sure to change their mind after enjoying this fantastic dish.
cals: 131kcal | fat: 10.35g | carbs: 8.98g | prot: 2.55g
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Barbecued Chicken
Flavorsome baked chicken that will have the whole family asking for more please.
cals: 220kcal | fat: 4.81g | carbs: 7.24g | prot: 35.00g
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Crispy Chicken Strips
Forget fast food chicken nuggets and try these yummy and healthy baked chicken strips.
cals: 89kcal | fat: 3.20g | carbs: 3.63g | prot: 11.62g
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Chocolate Strawberry Banana Smoothie
A yummy way to get in dairy and fruit . Good for those who can't seem to eat breakfast.
cals: 507kcal | fat: 3.87g | carbs: 105.80g | prot: 16.06g
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Shrimp Ceviche
A delicious cold salad.
cals: 117kcal | fat: 1.50g | carbs: 9.83g | prot: 16.38g
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