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FatSecret members recently rated these recipes for The South Beach Diet, Phase 2:
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Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast
Truly delicious spinach, onion and feta stuffed chicken breasts.
cals: 191kcal | fat: 6.44g | carbs: 5.43g | prot: 29.38g
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Pork Souvlaki
Souvlaki can be made with any meat of your choice. Try it with chicken, shrimp or lamb.
cals: 195kcal | fat: 9.61g | carbs: 2.88g | prot: 23.64g
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Cauliflower Gratin
A delicious creamy side dish.
cals: 120kcal | fat: 3.70g | carbs: 16.40g | prot: 6.53g
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Zesty Lemon Bars
A zesty lemon square on a shortbread type crust with reduced amounts of butter and sugar to reduce the calories.
cals: 123kcal | fat: 2.45g | carbs: 22.92g | prot: 2.53g
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Honey Lime Chicken
An awesome chicken dish with the most wonderful flavors.
cals: 376kcal | fat: 7.77g | carbs: 40.75g | prot: 35.02g
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