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Parmesan Asparagus
A yummy dish that will surprise those who don't like vegetables and even asparagus.
cals: 227kcal | fat: 20.25g | carbs: 8.91g | prot: 6.01g
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No Flour Chocolate Cake
A gluten free and very chocolatey, decadent cake.
cals: 294kcal | fat: 19.17g | carbs: 29.93g | prot: 5.24g
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Zwiebelkuchen is an onion pie from Germany, usually served with new wine that's very similar to a quiche.
cals: 176kcal | fat: 7.84g | carbs: 20.75g | prot: 5.95g
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Trout with Fresh Herbs and Lemon
Healthy, tasty and sophisticated enough to serve at a dinner party.
cals: 313kcal | fat: 15.74g | carbs: 25.92g | prot: 18.99g
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Bacon Wrapped Omelet Bites
Tasty little bites full of protein and perfect for breakfast.
cals: 115kcal | fat: 5.50g | carbs: 1.15g | prot: 14.24g
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The diet was popularized in the mid 70s and the program gained prominence following the publication by Dr. Loren Cordain of the book "The Paleo Diet".

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