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FatSecret members recently rated these recipes for Sonoma Diet, Wave 1:
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Barbecued Chicken
Flavorsome baked chicken that will have the whole family asking for more please.
cals: 220kcal | fat: 4.81g | carbs: 7.24g | prot: 35.00g
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Lettuce Wraps with Ground Turkey Breast
Just like P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps, but made with ground turkey breast.
cals: 172kcal | fat: 8.02g | carbs: 6.49g | prot: 18.19g
average member ranking
Crustless Spinach Pie
A delicious low carb, low calorie alternative.
cals: 92kcal | fat: 4.23g | carbs: 4.15g | prot: 10.29g
average member ranking
Cabbage Rolls with Tomato Sauce
Healthy and delicious beef cabbage rolls with brown rice and tomato sauce.
cals: 367kcal | fat: 9.27g | carbs: 51.47g | prot: 23.35g
average member ranking
Dill Tuna Salad
Simple and easy tuna salad.
cals: 113kcal | fat: 5.42g | carbs: 1.32g | prot: 14.19g
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