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FatSecret members recently rated these recipes for MIMI-PICS's own diet, MIMI-PICS's own diet:
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Teriyaki Chicken
Sensational chicken that's great on top of rice, or shredded and mixed in with a Napa cabbage salad.
cals: 330kcal | fat: 3.09g | carbs: 15.17g | prot: 56.95g
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Blackberry Banana Almond Smoothie
A non-dairy delicious smoothie with a deep and luscious purple color to prove you are drinking your antioxidants.
cals: 132kcal | fat: 1.89g | carbs: 29.21g | prot: 2.42g
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Chicken and Noodle Casserole
Simple and delicious cheesy casserole.
cals: 372kcal | fat: 11.68g | carbs: 27.66g | prot: 37.37g
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Smashed Red Potatoes
All the flavor of smashed potatoes without all the fat.
cals: 261kcal | fat: 2.64g | carbs: 53.62g | prot: 6.82g
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