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Average working woman diet that leans towards organic and healthy foods with snacks thrown in.

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 How To Follow hudsongal's own diet:

Choose foods with either no salt or very low salt. Choose whole grains and good oils, no saturated fats.
  by member hudsongal
Having a hard time losing weight. Trying to balance the correct amounts of fat,carb, protien per day with exercise. Have Hashimotos thyroid disease so it does not help things along. But I am really excited about this site as it combines a lot of tools and co ...
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Vanilla Ricotta Cheesecake
If you're missing sweets and like cheesecake, this is a good substitute.
cals: 209kcal | fat: 11.92g | carbs: 7.37g | prot: 16.78g
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Spinach and Chicken Manicotti
A wonderful combination of pasta, ricotta and marble cheese, tender chicken breast and leafy spinach covered with ...
cals: 117kcal | fat: 4.08g | carbs: 13.38g | prot: 7.37g
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About / History

Developed the idea from watching sodium intake, fiber intake, still working on balance but feel it is haelthy to eat good fats like Olive Oil, Avocado, Flax, etc.

hudsongal's top tips to very little red meat
2.low fat foods
3.Use cooking spray and spray margarine
4.Use all good oils for cooking, Olive, Cannola, flax, etc

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