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I have high cholesterol (292) and have been diagnosed with GERD with Hiatal Hernia, migraines, folate anemic and Vitamin D severe deficient. Due to my fixed income and medical conditions I cannot utilize any one preset diet plan. I started out researching each condition when I was first diagnosed with it and updating my knowledge as scientific knowledge changed.

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After research, I added to or replaced one or two items at a time to get used to the cost adjustment. I also experimented with herbs and spices. I invented or reinvented recipes to suit my taste and diet adjustment. I eat smaller meals (hernia) and usually drink water or lemon water with them instead of soft drinks.

I surround myself with supportive people and stay active in my church helping others. I volunteer outside of church to keep active and remind myself I need rest just like everyone else. I try to stay busy to take my mind off junk food. I allow myself a treat once a week, whether it's a bottle of soda, a dark chocolate candy bar, or a 16 oz milk shake.

And most important than all the other tips and suggestions I've given, I pray. I ask Jesus for His strength and encouragement to keep going. Only in Him am I able to push forward and I give Him all the Glory for everything I achieve.
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KingsChild's top tips

1.Do your research on reputable health websites like American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, or National Institute of Health. Write down your questions in a journal and answer them through research. Then take your journal to your next doctor's visit to discuss it with your doctor.
2.Take Baby Steps. If you are on a strict budget, just change or add one or two items at a time. For example: Instead of stick butter (hydrogenated fat), choose soft tub butter. If the main dish you prepare has garlic and salt, don't add the salt, add more garlic. Most canned and boxed foods are loaded with sodium. Garlic is nature's immune system booster.
3.Replace butter/margarine with olive oil cooking spray. Dollar store brands or store brands are just as good as the name brands.
4.Replace candy with fresh fruit. For me it's apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, nectarines, peaches, pears, and strawberries. One Gala apple (or two gala snack apples) a day and 1/2 cup of blueberries on oatmeal squares cereal for breakfast with no added sugar.
5.Replace "white" with "brown." Brown rice vs. white rice. Whole Grain/Wheat vs. White bread (for those who can digest it/not allergic), whole wheat/gluten free pasta vs. white pasta.
6.Boneless, skinless chicken breast, ground turkey breast, ground chicken breast, wild caught frozen fish (not the fish counter..too many flies), canned tuna and salmon.

About / History

My first diet adjustment was the folate aka folic acid anemia; I switched from vegetable oil to extra virgin olive oil and switched from black olives to green. Green olives and olive oils are high in folic acid. Also dark green leafy lettuces and herbs are also high in folic acid.

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