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Readers digest from the same Co editor of the flat belly diet Luz Vaccarriello. Three phases. Research of fat releasing food

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Has recommended menus that take you through the 21 day plan. No prepackaged special diet food or food or pills to take. Realistic l, attainable weight loss
  by member sunigir73
So here I go to battle the buldge again. I've been trying to lose pounds since Oct. but have not been successful instead the opposite has been true (+8). I really what to try to lose so I can feel better inside and look my best for my D.L. photo this summer. ...
member since: 24 Dec 10

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sunigir73's top tips

1.buy containers, utensils, scale, blenders are a must. Portion matters.
2.Plan and prepare head for meals.
3.Keep a journal, weigh in even if you don't want to
4.Find an excuse to move around more
5.Make realistic expectations, remember your goal, keep your eye on the prize, tell yourself it's a good change
6.Buy in bulk with yogurt on phase 1&2. Cheap to make your own if you have the time.

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Read readers digest and started the diet in February 20 you can customize later when you understand the fat release concepts

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