Diet originally used with HCG supplement but achieves better results without supplement. Diet focuses and rapid weightloss for a maximum of 40 days and then instills a 3 weeks stabalization period until client reaches RDI, slowly adding breads, dairy and fats back into diet.

 How To Follow Very Low Calorie Diet:

Begin Stage 1 for desired length of time (maximum 40 days) and take HCG supplements if desired. Stage 2 and Stage 3 are transitional. Client can move to up a stage after maintaining weight for 10 days. Stage 4 is a lifestyle. This final stage includes regular working out and a well balanced diet to ensure the lost weight is kept off.
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About / History

I began the diet as the HCG diet and then when coming off HCG supplements found that I lost weight better without drops. I experimented with myself to figure out how to come off the diet without immediately gaining the weight back and after countless reading came up with the 4 stages.

cctipton's top tips

1.100 oz of water daily
2.avoid spices and salts results achieve when limiting exercise while on 500 calorie plan
4.begin working out lightly at stage 2
5.maintain regular exercise levels at stage 3
6.White low fat/low sodium meat only

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 Promotes rapid weight loss
 Maintain your goal weight

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