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The whole point of this diet is to remove toxic chemicals from one's body. People across the globe are being hit with more and more diseases, and partially it's being caused by our diet.

However, you can't just accept what you see in the store at face-value - many brands claim to be healthy or have healthy lines, but they're really only marginally better than the "bad" stuff.

Educate yourself, know where all those chemicals come from, what they're used for, and what they do to the human body. Read labels. Read ingredients.

Be in charge of your own health.

(runicakira's food tips)

 Foods you can have

Breads, Grains, Cereals, Pasta, Rice
Grains, Pasta and Rice
Breakfast Cereals
Baked Products
Meat and Fish
Fruit and Fruit Juices
Fresh Fruit
Canned, Cooked, Dried and Frozen Fruit
Fruit Juice
Vegetables and Legumes (e.g. Beans)
Dairy Products - Milk, Cheese, etc
Eggs and Egg Substitutes
Nuts and Seeds
Fats and Oils
Herbs, Spices, Sauces
Spices and Herbs
Sauces and Gravies
Tea and Coffee
Other Beverages
Others, Snacks, Sweets, etc
Fast Foods
Meals, Entrees, and Sidedishes
Baby Foods
Ethnic Foods

Not OK

 How To Follow Clean Eating, No Sugar:

You can modify it however you wish, based on tastes, what's in season, cravings, ideas, etc. The core principle is to eat FOOD, not edible food-like substances.
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Chicken Spaghetti
A spaghetti dish that has a creamy cheesy sauce and it has lots and lots of broccoli.
cals: 318kcal | fat: 11.51g | carbs: 33.19g | prot: 21.93g
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Oat Pancakes
Easy to make pancakes that are great with maple syrup or applesauce.
cals: 183kcal | fat: 9.72g | carbs: 19.32g | prot: 6.12g
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Mexican Chicken Soup
Super fast and delicious spicy Mexican soup.
cals: 279kcal | fat: 6.23g | carbs: 12.46g | prot: 42.76g
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This has been developed over several years of research and personal experimentation.

runicakira's top tips

1.Buy fresh or frozen vegetables - canned vegetables have been sitting around longer, and their nutrients are greatly diminished. Frozen vegetables are frozen soon after being harvested, so they have almost all their nutrients.
2.AVOID SOY. Research is showing more and more that soy is the exact opposite of a health food. To name a few, it messes with hormones and helps your body absorb toxic levels of manganese.
3.For things that are difficult or time-consuming to make at home (bread, meat, cheese, etc), go organic and do your best to buy it without any extra additives. If possible, support local farmers and bakeries.
4.If you're super-busy during the week, set aside an hour or two once a week and cook/prepare larger batches of what you'll be eating. Many delicious recipes are really very simple, and way more delicious than what you'll buy pre-packaged.

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