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In 2012, I read a New York Times article about Dr. Carson Chow, an MIT trained mathematician who studied weight loss mathematically and came up with an algorithm that took into account the body's resistance to calorie restriction. He created a simple web app that will provide a daily average calorie total to achieve the amount of weight you want to lose within a certain period of time.

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Once you know your daily calorie target, you need to enter EVERYTHING you eat and drink into FatSecret. The key is to hit the daily calorie AVERAGE over a month. So if you go over (as I did on all the major holidays and vacations), you need to make up for that with lower calorie days to end the month at the daily calorie target. FatSecret helps with this by reporting the average daily calorie intake. Since April, I also have used a modified 5/2 diet, where I ate only 600 calories on Wednesdays and Thursdays. That really helped to kick start things and allowed me to eat a few more calories on the weekends.
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Hi. I'm Bill Pratt. My name, Draglist, comes from my drag racing website, Weighed over 300 since the early 1990s, topping out at 345 by January 2012 and experiencing Type 2 diabetes. I lost 15 pounds in six months that year by dropping breakfast ...
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About / History

I weighed 325 on June 26, 2012. I used his online app and told it that I wanted to lose 100 lbs. in a year. The tool told me 1685 per day was my magic number. Using FatSecret, I have kept to that average number and I lost 100 lbs. as of July 4, 2013 (it took one extra week!) Now I have set a new goal for an additional 35 lbs. by Christmas 2013.

Draglist's top tips

1.Set your daily average calories using Carson's NIDDK tool, not FatSecret's, which promotes a slower weight loss. Here's a link: (ends with .gov)
2.Calculate your daily calories over a month. You can go over the average on 'cheat' days, just be sure to eat enough low cal days to stay within the average by the end of the month.
3.Set your activity only to sleeping and resting. Don't try to trick the system by adding exercise calories for mundane activities. Of course, if you do specific exercise, record it.
4.Keep lots of dill pickles and Giardiniera on hand for late night snacks. These have no calories and will allow you to munch on something if you get desperate after dinner.
5.Trade in the soda for Crystal Light, or another zero calorie mix. If water works for you, all the better, but I like a little flavor. Try to wean off the diet soda.
6.Read the New York Times article about Carson Chow. FatSecret won't allow the entire URL to display here, but you can Google it.

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