Protein Power diet plan - phase 1,2,3 and life

This is not a high protein diet, this is a carb restrictive diet - just like what you get at Dr. Bernst... clinic except B6 and B12 are not injected into your butt! - you use sublingual tabs instead.
Eat protein to support your lean BMI and restrict your carbs and let nature do the rest.
You are controlling your insulin responce to food to put your metabolic state into Ketosis; body burns your consumed protein, carb, fat as well as your own fat for fuel.

 How To Follow Protein Power - 3 phase diet plan:

Not sutable for every one - use at your own risk
Read the Book Protein Power for more details.
To help the diet along, you should workout daily; some cardio; weights or bands are perfect - the use of slim in 6, Power 90 or P90X DVD workouts are perfect
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1.keep eating protein and you will not feel hungry
2.keep working out - weights and some cardio

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read the book - Protein Power

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