Carbs are evil!


Don't get me wrong, I love carbs. But you can't beat the nice full feeling you get from eating lots of fats and protein, you eat less, and the weight slowly comes off.

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 How To Follow Carbs are evil!:

You don't have to be militant about it. Just hold back on breads, pastas, rice and potatoes.

If there's a bit of pastry or some breadcrumbs or some starchy vegies be sensible about it.
  by member ronny
Hey there. My weight's goes up and down year by year. Tend to start something new and radical each spring, knock off a few pounds, then they're back again by end of summer. Looking for a more long-lasting solution.
member since: 19 Sep 06

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Chicken Hot Wings
A low carb snack that can be enjoyed as a main meal too.
cals: 646kcal | fat: 49.43g | carbs: 1.44g | prot: 47.04g
average member ranking
Barbecued Chicken
Flavorsome baked chicken that will have the whole family asking for more please.
cals: 220kcal | fat: 4.81g | carbs: 7.24g | prot: 35.00g
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Crispy Chicken Nuggets
Baked chicken nuggets that are super crispy but not fried.
cals: 290kcal | fat: 5.85g | carbs: 27.59g | prot: 31.67g
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Green Beans Salad Provencal
A perfect light refreshing salad for any time that includes the best of typical French cuisine, tomatoes, olive ...
cals: 50kcal | fat: 2.45g | carbs: 6.34g | prot: 1.72g
average member ranking
Zucchini Noodles
A great pasta substitute.
cals: 80kcal | fat: 6.98g | carbs: 4.32g | prot: 1.36g
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I've tried a lot of diets in the past, liver cleaning, calorie counting, etc. I've found recently that everyone I know on a low-carb diet does well. It's a pretty simple, almost idiot-proof to just know to hold back on carbs and everything else is fair game.

ronny's top tips

1.If you eat a good full breaky you're less likely to snack-out on stuff during the day - don't skip it.
2.Drink plenty of water.
3.Do moderate exercise - I find walking is best.

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