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When I started this diet, I weighed 188 (at one point in time I was 225) and wore a size 20. I eventually got tired of living like that. I cut back my calorie intake to 1200-1400 a day, started writing down everything I ate and the calorie count, and completely reshaped my eating habits. I began exercising 30 min a day (15 in the a.m./15 at night) and within 3 1/2 months I was down 40 lbs. and wearing a size 10. I have struggled with my weight for about 20 years and have finally found a life long plan. I recently gained back 10 lbs. & that's why I'm here. I know I (& any-one else) can do it, I just have to get back on track. It's noteasy, but it is well worth it!

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 How To Follow HEATHERD's own diet:

Keep a journal of everything you eat (this is more helpful than you think). Eat 6x per day, 3 meals/3 snacks. Try to keep meals within 300 calories and snacks within 140 (preferrably around 100). I kept a fat and calorie book in my purse (Calorie King is the best) so you know the content of everything. Restauraunts are not off limits as long as you make wise choices (this is where the book comes in). Soda should be cut way back, if not non-existent, except for calorie free (this is my BIG downfall). You should exercise in moderation even if it's just 3-4 times a week. You can do it in 10-15 minute spurts to make it fit your lifestyle. It may be easier for you to pick out your problem areas and mostly focus on those. Bad eating habits can be changed and new ones can be maintained forever. I know first hand that it's easy to back track (especially around the holidays), but just get right back on and start where you left off. Once you start making these chances and noticing the difference, you will never want to go back to where you were before. If you have a family and they are not dieting with you, one helpful tip is to occasionally buy the lower fat/calorie TV dinners, and often I would cook extra for myself and measure everything out, afterward, I would put it in in freezer bags and it would be a quick meal for me for another day. It's a good idea to invest in a kitchen scale and at least one set of measuring cups and spoons. Weigh, count and measure everything-eventually you will be able to estimate appropriate protion sizes just by looking at your food.
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About / History

I was tired of battling my weight, so I did what the experts have been suggesting for years. I started eating less, watching my calorie intake, exercising in moderation (10 minute solutions pilates is a good one) and writing down everything I was eating and it's calorie content. I went to see a dietician after I had already begun, and she told me that she had no advice for me because I was doing everything that she recommends to her clients. It is a truly liberating experience to be able to walk into any clothing store and pick out just about anything you want.

HEATHERD's top tips

1.Eat 6 times a day
2.Meals should be within 300 calories (3 small meals)
3.Snacks under 140 calories (preferrably around 100) 3x day
4.Stick to whole grains and complex carbs
5.Take in plenty of protein
6.Don't deprive yourself the things you really like or you will eventually backslide. Eat them, just small amounts and lower fat/calorie version

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