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This is a moderate diet structured to burn calories and support muscle growth. Simple carbs in the morning for engery boost, easy for the body to break down and use, complex in the afternoon for lasting engery during the rest of the day. High proteins all through the day.

(ChuckyDII's food tips)

 Foods you can have

Breads, Grains, Cereals, Pasta, Rice
Meat and Fish
Fruit and Fruit Juices
Vegetables and Legumes (e.g. Beans)
Dairy Products - Milk, Cheese, etc
Eggs and Egg Substitutes
Nuts and Seeds
Fats and Oils
Herbs, Spices, Sauces
Others, Snacks, Sweets, etc

Not OK

 How To Follow ChuckyDII's own diet:

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  by member ChuckyDII
Hello to all! I am 37 years old, with 13 years military service behind me. I stay in shape by working out, mountain biking, horseback riding, rollerblading, running, skiing, etc. I live in Germany and work for the US gov. I was invited here by my Dad. I worry ...
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About / History

I have been doing this diet for 10 years and maitain a 190 to 200 weight, I am 6'2" and about 12% body fat.

ChuckyDII's top tips

1.Keep carbs moderate and plenty of exercise.
2.Protein helps with the weight training to promote muscle growth
3.Moderate carbs gives you enough engery to maintain active cardio levels.
4.Graze your meals, eating the same amount of calories spread out over 6 times a day
5.keep the body working to digest food and you will burn calories all day and lose weight.

  Why choose "ChuckyDII's own diet"?
 Promotes long term weight loss
 Maintain your goal weight
 A healthy living alternative
 Targets body toning weight loss

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