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Caramelized Brussels Sprouts
Brussel sprout haters will be sure to change their mind after enjoying this fantastic dish.
cals: 131kcal | fat: 10.35g | carbs: 8.98g | prot: 2.55g
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Parmesan Chips
Crunchy chips that are great as a snack or tossed into a salad for a little extra crunch.
cals: 108kcal | fat: 7.16g | carbs: 1.02g | prot: 9.62g
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Blueberry Pancakes
Easy to make, delicious, thick and fluffy pancakes.
cals: 139kcal | fat: 2.25g | carbs: 24.66g | prot: 4.93g
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Chocolate Banana Souffles
These are little bowls of heaven, so creamy and rich.
cals: 118kcal | fat: 0.96g | carbs: 27.25g | prot: 3.50g
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Baked Oatmeal Cupcakes
Soft oatmeal cups for breakfast on the go.
cals: 125kcal | fat: 5.45g | carbs: 18.21g | prot: 2.37g
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About / History

The concept of a Mediterranean diet came from the work of Ancel Keys in the 1950s where he began to study diet and heart disease, culminating into the classic Seven Countries Study. The Mediterranean diet gained recent prominence due to its possible cardio-protective effects and research still continues - investigating the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

There are numerous mediterranean-inspired diet books out there including the mediterranean diet by Marissa Cloutier, the Sonoma diet by Connie Guttersen, the Miami Mediterranean diet, and the Mediterranean Prescription. Countless cookbooks are on offer as well.

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