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Meatball Soup
This soup beefs up the health by using chicken with lean beef to lower the fat.
cals: 154kcal | fat: 3.00g | carbs: 18.60g | prot: 15.27g
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Fruit & Vegetables Smoothie
An above average smoothie I have each day.
cals: 316kcal | fat: 2.19g | carbs: 73.59g | prot: 11.30g
average member ranking
Pancake Mix
A thin battered non-sweet pancake.
cals: 144kcal | fat: 2.72g | carbs: 22.21g | prot: 6.75g
average member ranking
Fruit Sandwich
A quick and super healthy breakfast recipe.
cals: 265kcal | fat: 2.96g | carbs: 58.29g | prot: 7.01g
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Southwest Chili
A hot and spicy chili with so much deliciousness, you'll want to share it with your friends.
cals: 370kcal | fat: 1.91g | carbs: 70.58g | prot: 19.67g
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