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Mexican Coleslaw
A spicy coleslaw that a fabulous crunchy salad or side dish.
cals: 52kcal | fat: 0.29g | carbs: 12.25g | prot: 2.63g
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Baked Mediterranean Meatballs
Tasty and filling, this makes a quick supper dish for all the family to enjoy.
cals: 381kcal | fat: 15.86g | carbs: 22.53g | prot: 32.01g
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Smoothie (In a Hurry)
Here's a fast way to make a smoothie for breakfast so you can get your day started off right. Mix it up in ...
cals: 173kcal | fat: 2.59g | carbs: 28.92g | prot: 8.99g
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About / History

Jorge Cruise is a fitness/weight loss guru who was first known on the talk-show circuit with his 8-minutes in the morning exercise program for weight loss. In 2005, he developed the 3-Hour Diet for people wanting to lose weight, but had trouble including exercise in their weight loss plan.

A 3 Hour Diet At Home meal delivery service is available, as well as specially formulated 3 Hour Diet products for easy calorie counting (shakes, breakfast and meal bars).

An online program is also available for a fee (general and platinum memberships).

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