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Weigh ins ?
I am new to challenges, but Im not seeing my weigh ins on this challenge. All days are blank. :(
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started by sonyasings, 7 years ago.   
A question
This is my first challenge (also currently doing No Late Night Snacking) and I have a question: Is there a way to enter a check-in after the day has passed? A few times, I have been too late to enter ...
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started by senoritageena.   
walk the weight away
on the first day I walked 1 mile and I walked 1 mile on day 2. I have some health issues so this is a real challenge for me.
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started by FSG2013, 8 years ago.   
Bound and Determined!!
I'm on the 3rd day of the challenge. I'm hurting terribly i suppose its because my body is moving alot more than usual which is taking some getting used to. I love it though and refuse to allow ...
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started by KEB2330, 8 years ago.   
yeaaa for walking
Im new as well and I might have jumped the gun. I walked for an hour tonight!!! Tomorrow I will cut back an only do a half hour, I tell ya I put the tumes in my ears an away I go ha! Till tomorrow....
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started by milo1384.   
First Day!
The first day of the challenge was awesome. I felt full of confidence and energy after I walked! I wish everyone the best of luck on your fitness adventures!
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started by TajasAunt, 8 years ago.   
Day 1
I walked a hour at a brisk pace on the track. 4 miles of walking feels great.
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started by Young1982, 8 years ago.   
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started by Sancurry93, 8 years ago.   
I thought I was supposed to start today too!
Oh, well....logged 50 minutes walking rather briskly!:?
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started by Redtribe, 8 years ago.   
So I'm new..
And this is my first challenge! Very excited. Do we all report in each time we walk to hold one another accountable or is just joining enough?
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started by emkolberg.   
Walk and water
I'm new too. About to go to bed (9.30pm here), but ready to get into it in the morning. Walk and water!
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started by jnw, 8 years ago.   
Time walk and be healthy! Ready to roll!
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started by Livingloud, 8 years ago.   
2nd day of powerwalk, feeling great!
So my first day of power-walk (low intensity, HR of 115-130ish), I did it for 30min and burned over 200 calories; My 2nd day of power-walk (same rate), I burned just under 300 calories for 45min - how ...
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started by artique, 8 years ago.   
WOW!:shock:,I've never seen this many people signed up for a challenge before.
I've only been doing this since April;But, this is like the number of people from, the total of all the walking challenges combined!!! :roll: Good luck everyone.
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started by roygbiv55, 8 years ago.   
Ready to get walking
I just had my first baby two weeks ago and she is beautiful. I am ready to get moving again since I have been a bit inactive during the pregnancy. I plan on walking in the mornings with the baby and the ...
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started by ckomar.   

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