Mini-Challenge - Eat Healthy Foods

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The amount of food eaten doesn't matter as much as the quality of the food. Choose healthy low fat, low calorie foods and enjoy eating more this month before Thanksgiving. If you "blow it" one time of the reporting week, still say yes, but try harder next week.

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Week 8 80% Successful
Week 7 76% Successful
Week 6 80% Successful
Week 5 80% Successful

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Successful: 19 Nov 12 by MelRaeOkonski
"Minus one day."
Successful: 19 Nov 12 by fatnomore2012
"Junk food is out, tho I do have good quality ice cream daily....1 cup 380 ..."
Failed: 19 Nov 12 by BizzAE
"I ate some leftover pizza (2 slices of Pizza Hut Supreme Pan Pizza with ..."
Successful: 19 Nov 12 by Tanya World
"I have found a excellent smoked ham with 28g of protein in 100g, being ..."
Successful: 12 Nov 12 by simonj
"a way of life watch the salt and fatty foods"
Failed: 12 Nov 12 by hobo1219
"I ate way to many sweets this past week. I will do better this week. "
Successful: 06 Nov 12 by lindsye
"I have done pretty well. I have done really well considering all the ..."
Failed: 04 Nov 12 by terri86
"havent really ate and when i have has been unhealthy"
Failed: 23 Oct 12 by jenkie5
"DH has discovered a fondness for thin crust fresh tomato pizza. Without ..."