Mini-Challenge - Down 1 jean size is something to be thankful for.

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We are now over half way through the challenge, are your original jeans falling off? Lets be thankful for down 1 jean size already.

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Week 7 72% Successful

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Successful: 12 Nov 12 by MelRaeOkonski
"It is so nice, I am donating my larger clothes so that I can't go back ..."
Successful: 12 Nov 12 by simonj
"woo hooo"
Successful: 12 Nov 12 by sromig
"Yay!!!!! So very thankful!!!!! I already took a load of clothes to good ..."
Successful: 12 Nov 12 by hobo1219
"I am wearing size 10 now. I don't remember wearing a 10 it was that long ..."
Failed: 12 Nov 12 by BizzAE
"Actually, I'm not sure. My current pants still fit me but I haven't bought ..."
Failed: 12 Nov 12 by fatnomore2012
"I really don't know. My present jeans do not fit well and I can't find ..."
Successful: 11 Nov 12 by San Francisco
"I can wear them but it's hard."
Failed: 09 Nov 12 by Sunnyshine
"I say no only because I don't know. My current pants are definitely too ..."
Successful: 06 Nov 12 by lindsye
"I can wear a smaller size now. Some of my jeans I can roll over because ..."