Mini-Challenge - Be stron in the face of high calorie temptations (like Halloween candy)

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Avoid all high calorie treats and snacks. Especially with all that great Halloween candy it is hard, but just think of your wonderful progress so far and just say no.

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Week 6 45% Successful
Week 5 68% Successful
Week 4 68% Successful

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Failed: 05 Nov 12 by fatnomore2012
"Yes I ate it and enjoyed it. I didn't buy any of it, it was given to me ..."
Failed: 05 Nov 12 by hobo1219
"Didn't quite avoid the candy as I would like, but I didn't manage to only ..."
Successful: 05 Nov 12 by sromig
"I had a 1/2 of a mini snickers....but with 2 little kids and TONS of c ..."
Failed: 05 Nov 12 by Tanya World
"I had some, but only a few ! And I have been dropping weight fine this ..."
Failed: 05 Nov 12 by BizzAE
"Didn't go trick-or-treating, but I snacked a lot with my sister on Hal ..."
Failed: 04 Nov 12 by terri86
"have done rubbish in last few weeks because of illness"
Failed: 31 Oct 12 by wairimu88
"I love salty treats, I over did it with cheese and smoked ham. Not very ..."
Successful: 23 Oct 12 by jenkie5
"Having Pinkberry frozen yogurt (chocolate hazelnut) in the freezer is ..."
Failed: 22 Oct 12 by Kaybh1958
"Ate some ice cream and a candy bar. "
Successful: 22 Oct 12 by GirlMeetBooks
Successful: 19 Oct 12 by sweetspirit96
"I subbed carbs for calories, and that sense, yes, I did pass."
Successful: 17 Oct 12 by BJw1330
"at work we have a candy jar and ppl brought in a bunch of chocolate but ..."