Mini-Challenge - Make exercise a regular part of your day

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Do at least 20 minutes of exercise (any exercise that gets your heart pumping) at least 5 days a week.

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Week 2 77% Successful
Week 1 73% Successful

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Successful: 08 Oct 12 by hobo1219
"At the gym M - F doing about 3.5 miles on a treadmill at 3.8 miles an hour ..."
Successful: 08 Oct 12 by terri86
"took up jogging back from school run getting easier"
Successful: 07 Oct 12 by fatnomore2012
"I have walked 1 hour each day for the last two weeks, and feel I have ..."
Successful: 07 Oct 12 by Poohbear5517
"I got to the gym 6 days this week. And I started Insanity yesterday. It ..."
Failed: 06 Oct 12 by ChunkTruffleShuffle
"i did do small exercises most days. some days i did do 20 mins, others ..."
Successful: 06 Oct 12 by chels21
"TurboFire is great!"
Failed: 04 Oct 12 by Tara-Lynn22
"got sick :("
Failed: 02 Oct 12 by BAukamp
"started out with a 30 min. walk on Monday and then got sick "
Successful: 01 Oct 12 by sromig
"M-F I went to the gym every morning for an hour. On Sat. I worked out ..."
Successful: 01 Oct 12 by cococold265321
"Walking, floor exercises, heavy yard work."
Successful: 01 Oct 12 by Kaybh1958
"Do Curves 4 days a week and exercise at home the other days."
Successful: 30 Sep 12 by cupcake28
"walking "
Successful: 30 Sep 12 by Tanya World
"I do 1-2 hours of stationary biking a day, as well as walking, getting ..."
Successful: 28 Sep 12 by aroberts10
"I did some form of exercise everyday this week!!"
Failed: 28 Sep 12 by nmw8776
"After starting school last week I've only made it to the gym twice...and ..."
Successful: 26 Sep 12 by zack06
"Walking my dog is going to be everyday now."
Failed: 25 Sep 12 by nanabert
"Started out doing great, but old ways over came me."