Mini-Challenge - Record everything you eat

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Keep a record of all the food you consumed. It is proven that those that are more conscious of the amount of calories consumed make better food choices.

Overall result for all teams:

Week by Week Results

Week 12 68% Successful
Week 11 57% Successful
Week 10 50% Successful
Week 9 50% Successful
Week 8 62% Successful
Week 7 57% Successful
Week 6 57% Successful
Week 5 60% Successful
Week 4 45% Successful
Week 3 51% Successful
Week 2 69% Successful
Week 1 85% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 10 Dec 12 by hobo1219
"Church's Christmas dinner was hard to do. "
Successful: 07 Dec 12 by Boothacus
"started w/ three day fast. Has helped me start eating decent food again."
Failed: 29 Nov 12 by ndomer
"BUT I will photograph and post onto instagram ALL I eat... good or bad. ..."
Failed: 28 Nov 12 by Sunnyshine
"While with my family I didn't record a thing! It was no good!"
Failed: 16 Nov 12 by San Francisco
"I had flu and didn't eat anything for a day and a half, but then my ap ..."
Failed: 12 Nov 12 by simonj
"life has been busy did complete a diet loss."
Failed: 23 Oct 12 by jenkie5
"But continue to look up calories/nutrition on anything out of the norm."
Failed: 22 Oct 12 by Kaybh1958
"didn't follow my diet as it said to. "
Failed: 22 Oct 12 by GirlMeetBooks
Failed: 19 Oct 12 by patilu76
"I started recording the food I eat but after 3 days I gave up. I am r ..."
Successful: 17 Oct 12 by BJw1330
"i added each day up but didnt record on here was out of internet "
Failed: 17 Oct 12 by debbily
"will try harder"
Failed: 12 Oct 12 by dorval
"got off track with my calorie log"
Successful: 12 Oct 12 by JudiR
"was at ASHRM this week, but keep on track. "
Successful: 01 Oct 12 by sexygrannie70
"It was very hard to record everything daily"
Successful: 01 Oct 12 by cococold265321
"Using FatSecret."
Successful: 28 Sep 12 by aroberts10
"I have been taking note of what I am eating and my eyes have definitely ..."
Successful: 26 Sep 12 by zack06
"Busy with it."