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Posting results?
I see that some folks are posting their results ("Successful") as they finish the week. How do I do that?
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started by _skinnyminnie_.   
how often??
Ok, unfortunately i forgot about signing up for this challenge until right now! lol! am i supposed to do 200 crunches everyday??? just curious.
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started by kdfrakes, 8 years ago.   
i got up to sixty today
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started by chellehorn, 8 years ago.   
Week One Day One
Started the first week on week 3. so far so good.
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started by Haave, 8 years ago.   
Very happy i can complete this program on iPhone So handy! ;) :d
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started by pureheiress, 8 years ago.   
so i found the cite :)
wow, i did 50 correct crunches without stopping, but my tummy muscles felt it :)
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started by moondrifter006, 8 years ago.   
new to this cite :)
so i'm new to the cite and find the challanges available a wonderful idea but not quite sure how i report my results on this topic...200 situps challange
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started by moondrifter006, 8 years ago.   
Initial Test
Initial test, I scored 31. Only 2000 more reps to go till I can do the 200!!! :badgrin:
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started by MAJ, 8 years ago.   
Initial test question
For the initial test do you see how many you can do it specific amount of time or just how many you can do without stopping?
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started by penguin28173.   
initial test
I made it to 30 too...haven't used stomach muscles in years!!After two babies I'm suprised their still under there. Good Luck!
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started by angierice, 8 years ago.   
Initial Test
Just completed my initial test and got to 30...and ready to rest and recover now for the start of the challenge. Great success to everyone!
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started by lamour9.