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Snails pace loss this month. More of a plateau. Haven't gained so I'll take it. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. May the scale be kind to all of us on the 30th:)
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started by Zakata, 5 months ago.   
We have 6 weeks to go
How's everyone doing so far with their goals?
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Sept 19th -How is everyone coping with the Turkey Day Challenge
I have removed all the unhealthy foods from my house, it was delicious!:badgrin: No, seriously, how is everyone doing on our Turkey Day challenge?. I am hoping to lose another pound tomorrow when I ...
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started by Lily100.   
week 3!!!
though I lost some weight I still struggle to exercise, a bit disappointed in myself. You guys are an inspiration & as a whole I think we're doing pretty well.
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Turkey Day week 2
Unsure if in correct place to post week 2 progress 144.8 a gain of 2.8 lbs due to eating high sodium foods x 4 days My daily calorie intake was 941 x 1 week with my macros that are set for 10-70-20 were ...
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started by Irishdancer126, 7 months ago.   
What’s your reason for joining?
I appreciate both the timing and the simplicity for this challenge. I’ve been on the wrong side of the curve this year and need to turn things around. I hope to get my body ready for perusal by the ...
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started by TomLong.   
Calculate your BMR
So, you can Google Basal Metabolic Rate and find a conversion for getting your calories burned at rest. This amount plus any exercise calories burned, can help you determine how to create a caloric d ...
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started by HCB.   
Before photos
Sooo Is everyone posting a before photo ?? I’ve never posted a before without already having my after there beside it to make it not so bad . Really nervous to post my before all by itself with no idea ...
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started by blessed0989.   
Second Hip Surgery Coming!
Greetings! I had a full hip replacement in May 2020. This made exercise hard, but I also ate more calories than I needed. My "before" photo is May 2019 and is about how I look right now but ...
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started by HCB, 7 months ago.   
Where do we post the Turkey challenge photos please?
Where do we post the Turkey challenge photos please? I have put my photo on my front page ,is this right? Looking forward to this challenge
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started by Lily100.   

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