Mini-Challenge - Track EVERYTHING and STICK TO YOUR GOAL!



Track absolutely everything caloric into your tracker so you are aware of how much you're eating! Even if you go over, put it in so you can see it all in front of you and what work needs to be done!

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 12 66% Successful
Week 11 68% Successful
Week 10 63% Successful
Week 9 61% Successful
Week 8 55% Successful
Week 7 60% Successful
Week 6 52% Successful
Week 5 55% Successful
Week 4 56% Successful
Week 3 72% Successful
Week 2 72% Successful
Week 1 79% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 31 Aug 12 by SlimB430
"went 4 days without tracking"
Failed: 16 Aug 12 by jessabridge4444
"I don't know why I keep eating such BIG dinners!"
Successful: 06 Aug 12 by renrut1971
"I stayed under my calorie goals throughout the week, but overdid it on ..."
Failed: 02 Aug 12 by dw13
"tracking on weekdays only"
Failed: 07 Jul 12 by MsJackson13
"I do not track my food intake"
Failed: 06 Jul 12 by 4bladams
"Food was logged; exercise was not logged. However, I expect to be logging ..."
Failed: 05 Jul 12 by MoisaDiva2
"I haven't been tracking but aim to track from this point forward."
Failed: 04 Jul 12 by eattolive1
"I didn't track everything, but I started on Monday and missed tracking ..."
Failed: 03 Jul 12 by James Wong
"went on vacation"
Successful: 30 Jun 12 by M.Trublu
"I've stuck to my goals. I haven't tracked everything here on FS on the ..."
Successful: 20 Jun 12 by gkgkgk
"Recorded every single thing I ate. Wow, I eat some bad stuff."
Successful: 18 Jun 12 by Joyfull Noyes
"Still eating too much junk. "
Successful: 17 Jun 12 by stj1217
"I tracked everything but really need to eat better."
Successful: 15 Jun 12 by Lilac8
"My goal was to track everything, and I'm so glad I did. It is becoming ..."
Successful: 15 Jun 12 by kchinn
"Lost all forms of tracking my calories and such, but still watched what ..."

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