Mini-Challenge - Log EVERYTHING



Log all your food intake and exercise as close as possible for the duration of this challenge. This makes it easier when you have questions for others to check out your food calendar and see where you might need a little help. Add Everything! Even if it was bad. It's good to be accountable to ourselves.

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 12 65% Successful
Week 11 69% Successful
Week 10 66% Successful
Week 9 61% Successful
Week 8 64% Successful
Week 7 73% Successful
Week 6 75% Successful
Week 5 77% Successful
Week 4 78% Successful
Week 3 75% Successful
Week 2 81% Successful
Week 1 85% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 23 May 11 by Laura Hand
"Was out of town for several days and was lazy the rest. Gotta get back ..."
Failed: 22 May 11 by demomof2
"kept forgetting to log stuff unfortunately. Gotta get back into the h ..."
Successful: 16 May 11 by kdavisson
Failed: 09 May 11 by Meech
"Oh...I haven't been tracking for a little while now. I'll get back on that ..."
Successful: 05 May 11 by slinkylins
"again but not on this site "
Failed: 04 Apr 11 by MrsB629
"I was doing great with this until last week. Busy week with a family ..."
Failed: 30 Mar 11 by roniegurl
"I need to refocus and I am just not focused on this."
Failed: 21 Mar 11 by j00ly
"I was in France for a week, and did not log anything while I was there. ..."
Failed: 14 Mar 11 by ysospoiled
"Starting over again....."
Failed: 09 Mar 11 by Aween
"Still trying...doing it offline."
Failed: 07 Mar 11 by shel1281
"started this to get back on track and I guess I haven't done that yet. ..."
Failed: 07 Mar 11 by Spiderbabyx
"I did for half the week, but failed on the weekend. "
Successful: 06 Mar 11 by liveteachcreate
"I log EVERYTHING! I was able to lose over my 30th birthday (week of and ..."

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