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Sticky: Here we Go!!! Let's get to know eachother!
Welcome to everyone who joined this Challenge! Thank you! I just know that we all have it in us to do this together! We are a big 337 member family now :) I'd love to get to know a little bit about ...
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started by shel1281.   
My stats
You may see my stats and think... "darn this girl gained alot!!" I didn't. I got a new scale yesterday to replace my very old, tired, poor scale and the difference was 6.6 pounds. In fact, ...
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Motivation: Skydiving.
I turn 21 on May 28th, and I want to go skydiving that morning for my birthday... I started a bucket list, and I'm resolving to do at least 4 a year. that was one of them (I just bought a motorcycle ...
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Just what I needed!
Hello everyone, I am really excited to do this. As desireewalters, I had initially set up my own goal to lose 40 pounds before June, and honestly, I was in desperate need of some motivation. I hope we ...
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Biggest Loser Game for Kinect
I bought an Xbox Kinect on Tuesday with The Biggest Loser game to help me with my strength training(the biggest area in which I am lacking). I am excited to try it today when I get home from work. Has ...
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1st challenge SOO excited
I am new to the site and ready to jump in on my first challenge! I'm a huge Biggest Loser Fan so I knew this would be the one for me! I've been stuck around 190 for about 6 weeks now and I'm ...
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How to obtain your goal?
Hello! I am excited to start this challenge. I see that everyone is saying that they have similiar goals as I do but I am wondering how you are going to obtain this goal? How many calories are you going ...
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New to site and challenge
Hello everyone! I just signed on to fat secret last week and found this challenge and thought this would be a perfect way to get things moving in the right direction. But I am not really sure what I s ...
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Ready to ROCK!!
Hi all! This is my 2nd challenge on this site - 1st one ends tomorrow (3/1) so I'm ready to start the next one. The 1st one was a Biggest Loser challenge as well, and I lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks. ...
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started by Cupcake Girl, 8 years ago.   
Let's do it!
I found this site by way of my blackberry app...I'm trying to get back on track...I'm in a wedding in June and while I know I will be the biggest bridesmaid no matter what I'd like to slim ...
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started by AllaboutME!, 8 years ago.   
Glad to be here!
Hi. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm not new to FS or losing weight, but this challenge is right up my alley! I am on WW (since 6/07) and have lost 42 lbs, but I still have another 60 lbs ...
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I am so glad I discovered not only this site but this challenge! I did a week of logging EVERYTHING I ate and all my exercise last week so I am pupmed and ready to keep it up! Taking a challenge photo ...
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started by RitaMil, 8 years ago.   
Hey everyone! Thanks for joining the challenge. Hopefully we can help to keep each other motivated for the next 12 weeks. We can do it!
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Great Challenge
Good luck to all and it's wonderful for those of you who posted your photo, I will try to post one also. Good luck to all for we can do this. Exciting to see after photo's!
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Hello everyone!
I have been looking forward to the day that I would find the motivation that I was looking for, to lose weight.I am one who would record 2 miles in 13 minutes my first year of college, and 7 years later ...
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started by Tzefalos.