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About this Challenge:

With summer coming/here, we all need to stay hydrated. Join me in trying to drink 1/2 to 1 gallon of water per day!

Final Challenge Progress Results

departed3 Total Progress: 55.51%  (Down 136.0 lb)
melanieann86 Total Progress: 8.37%  (Down 21.0 lb)
Carol-Marie Total Progress: 7.40%  (Down 23.0 lb)
determine1981 Total Progress: 6.28%  (Down 11.4 lb)
Meatguy Total Progress: 4.46%  (Down 10.0 lb)
Cde214 Total Progress: 4.40%  (Down 8.4 lb)
jessicapetitpas Total Progress: 3.94%  (Down 7.2 lb)
Banathallah Total Progress: 3.80%  (Down 8.2 lb)
BugzAmsu Total Progress: 3.63%  (Down 5.3 lb)
desdimonalynn Total Progress: 3.40%  (Down 11.0 lb)
RMSugarfoot Total Progress: 2.29%  (Down 5.0 lb)
Curves40 Total Progress: 2.03%  (Down 5.0 lb)
sunshinetrugillo Total Progress: 1.89%  (Down 6.0 lb)
sbeglin Total Progress: 1.78%  (Down 2.8 lb)
jparlett Total Progress: 0.63%  (Down 1.0 lb)
Sally L Total Progress: 0.60%  (Down 1.0 lb)
djpunky21 Total Progress: 0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)

Completed Mini-Challenges

Weeks 1 to 6

Increase your daily water intake

Whether it be by 1 cup or 1 quart, just try to get that extra bit in there.
91% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 30 May 16 by Curves40
"I have increased my water intake all week. It is harder to do on weekends. "

Weeks 1 to 12

Try a flavored water!

I will post a few of my favorite water combinations that have helped me drink more water. Share yours or try something new!
76% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Weeks 7 to 12

Increase your daily water intake pt 2

Again, see if you can't add more. Everyone has their own needs, so this part is not as important.
100% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Latest Challenge Posts

water infusions
Well I saw this magazine article where it listed different recipes for infused ice cubes. One even had fresh rosemary. There were lemon slices I believe and other different fruits, such as blueberries. ...
by Sally L on 17 May 16 06:25 AM
Day One
It is rough, but think about what you are flushing out every time you pee! LOL
by sunshinetrugillo on 16 May 16 08:34 PM
Day one of Summer Hydration
I'm ready for this challenge. I have 1/2 gal jug filled with water and plan to empty that jug twice tomorrow. Now can someone please bring me a porta potty? I think I'm gonna need it.
by RMSugarfoot on 15 May 16 09:15 PM
Water infusions!
So I said I would share some of my favorite water infusion recipes. For now, here is a list of some fruits, vegetables, and herbs I infuse my water with. Ginger Cucumber Lemon Mint Strawberries Blueb ...
by sunshinetrugillo on 11 May 16 08:57 AM

 Challenge Ended

This challenge ended on Tuesday 09 August 2016.

The posting of Topics and Photos, and Participation in this challenge is available to Challenge Participants Only.

Challenge Info

status: Completed
ended: 08 Aug 16
duration: 12 Weeks
reporting: Once a Week
participants: 29
privacy: Public
administrators: sunshinetrugillo
created: 11 May 2016

All Mini-challenges:

1. Increase your daily water intake ( weeks 1 to 6 )
2. Try a flavored water! ( weeks 1 to 12 )
3. Increase your daily water intake pt 2 ( weeks 7 to 12 )

Rolling Challenge Performance:

The week to week running total weight lost

Week 12:

All Participants 4.14%  (Down 262.3 lb)

Week 11:

All Participants 4.17%  (Down 263.9 lb)

Week 10:

All Participants 3.81%  (Down 241.0 lb)

Week 9:

All Participants 3.82%  (Down 242.2 lb)

Week 8:

All Participants 3.87%  (Down 244.8 lb)

Week 7:

All Participants 3.75%  (Down 237.7 lb)

Week 6:

All Participants 3.55%  (Down 224.5 lb)

Week 5:

All Participants 3.38%  (Down 214.2 lb)

Week 4:

All Participants 1.06%  (Down 67.3 lb)

Week 3:

All Participants 0.73%  (Down 46.5 lb)

Week 2:

All Participants 0.46%  (Down 29.3 lb)

Week 1:

All Participants 0.12%  (Down 7.8 lb)

Latest Photos

Some infusion ideas!
by sunshinetrugillo
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by sunshinetrugillo
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by sunshinetrugillo
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Good way to start your day!
by sunshinetrugillo
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