Mini-Challenge - Stay away for the cookie jar and keep to the healthy foods

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Everything in moderation! Dont deprive yourself but keep your goal in mind. This little note is for myself!!

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Week 6 63% Successful
Week 5 54% Successful
Week 4 53% Successful
Week 3 65% Successful
Week 2 79% Successful
Week 1 80% Successful

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Failed: 10 Apr 09 by girlygirlatheart
"I've had so many desserts this week. I really need to lay off the junk ..."
Successful: 29 Mar 09 by Geewiz
"I had actually checked no, because I made homemade choc chip cookies. ..."
Failed: 29 Mar 09 by ccole4
"My kids made homemade toll house cookies the other day...that is just ..."
Successful: 04 Mar 09 by typeAblood
"i had 3 cookies this weekend and then 3 at work but no other sweets all ..."

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