Mini-Challenge - WEEK ONE 4lbs!!!-Stay Strong!

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This week is the hardest but most important in setting the pace for the rest of the challenge. See if you can keep up with all the mini challenges.. Drinking your water, exercising, and keep that food log!! keeping a count on your calories is an awesome way to track your diet!

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Week 2 42% Successful
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Successful: 15 Mar 09 by dannifatso
"The last two day have been fabulous - I'm sure I'll be stuck here for ..."
Successful: 08 Mar 09 by madaboutmoose
"I was skeptical about being able to lose 4 lbs this week but I guess the ..."
Failed: 08 Mar 09 by BectonBio
"February 10th I weighed 209 Today I weigh 197"
Failed: 06 Mar 09 by rokeya
"My goal is 2lbs/week."