Mini-Challenge - Keep a food diary!

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Kaiser Permanente study finds keeping a food diary doubles diet weight loss!! The diary on this site is perfect! Put it to good use!

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Week 6 90% Successful
Week 5 81% Successful
Week 4 84% Successful
Week 3 80% Successful
Week 2 73% Successful
Week 1 83% Successful

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Successful: 29 Mar 09 by Geewiz
"Yes, however, I was not as vigilent in keeping it on FatSecret, however, ..."
Failed: 12 Mar 09 by lilfishyinbigblu
"my computer was in the shop for a while so i didnt. "
Successful: 04 Mar 09 by typeAblood
"i have it in my blackberry bc this site freaks out when i try entering ..."