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Team Santa
Hey we are kicking butt here......keep it up.....Dawn is helping that is for sure....keep it up girl........
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started by Yvonne19, 6 years ago.   
I can do it!!!!
I have 9 pounds to go till new years day....It would be really nice to lose more than 15 would put me ahead of my over all goal of 50 pounds by my 6 month old birthday...I found out tonight ...
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started by Luckysrb46, 6 years ago.   
I have had this stupid cold all week and I feel miserable. I can never lose weight without exercise and I am just not up for it. Hopefully, I can get back on track tomorrow.
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started by whatthehecka, 6 years ago.   
Challenge weigh in....
Everyone needs to just enter their current weight so that we all start at 0.00% and it will be calculated from yesterday, Monday the 7th. If you go back and reenter your weekly weight for Monday, it s ...
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started by mousa510.   
Need this challenge to get me back on track
4 months of complacency and not going to the gym has gotten me 13#. I bit the bullet this morning and weighed in and I guess not really surprised at what I saw. It could be worse. I will try to keep ...
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started by jaime30024, 6 years ago.   
Excited to start....
How do we join teams?
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started by SSalo.   
Clarification of challenge
Hi everyone! Just a little clarification... the challenge is to stay on program and lose 15lbs by New Years Day, and the mini challenge is to try to be sure and get all your water in at least 5 of the ...
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started by mousa510.   
Anyone Out There????????????????
So i joined this challenge and im not really sure how it works. Is there anyone else in the challenge that can help me?
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started by shutney.