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Announcement: Getting excited about this Challenge!
This last week has definately been a challenge already but I knew somehow I was just sick of being the same. For me, if I wait until next week or even tomorrow, I'm just doing the same behavior that ...
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started by clarity253.   
push ups!
Really? Couldn't even do them as a kid! But I did em. (even though they were the wimpiest push ups ever!) My arms feel like noodles!
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started by slimmedown, 6 years ago.   
All kinds of sit ups...
Done. I did 4 sets of weighted v sits and 4 sets of leg lifts for a total of 120. I think leg lifts count...all ab work.:p
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started by Cowgirlsage, 6 years ago.   
rubbish at sit-ups
not sure if what i did was technically sit-ups, but i did 100 of them
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started by lcp822001, 6 years ago.   
ugh situps
Holy Moly! Haven't done situps in years! Did 20--I have to break them up, but I'll get all 100 in today!
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started by slimmedown, 6 years ago.   
Ive begun with my 100 situps....yaaaaay! Now Im about to go swimming.
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started by shyy.   
just joined up
Restarting (again), and thought this challenge will do me good--keep me motivated! First week is always hardest. Go Bananas!
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started by slimmedown, 6 years ago.   
Having a Hard Time
My Goal is to lose 180lbs. I want to drop 2lbs. a week just a few days after my birthday 09/06/2012. I will be walking with weights 3 x a week, drinking lots of water, cutting back on eating out and sugar.
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started by Lady Spells, 6 years ago.