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Posted: 29 Oct 2013, 07:02
Well, it's finally 30.

If you have a few minutes watch the final video I put together [link below]

You're all awesome for staying with the challenge for 30 days and thank you all for your commitment and the way you supported and motivated each other.

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Posted: 29 Oct 2013, 09:49
S U C C E S S!

10 sets of 25 squats, with a brief pause between each set. (With the strength I had left, did a little happy dance.)

6 sets of 25 crunches, with a brief pause between each set.

2 sets of 10 modified pushups, with a brief pause between each set.

Planking for 20 seconds


I try to think of exercise like doing the dishes or laundry; I might not necessarily look forward to doing it, but it is necessary.

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Posted: 29 Oct 2013, 10:19
Here are some of the things that helped me be successful at this challenge.

1. I made it my own. I found out what worked for me. At first, I did them in the afternoon, but I found that early morning meant no possible distractions - twice I wound up doing them in mall bathrooms because it was late in the day and I knew I would be too tired when I got home. 10/set; 25/set or 50/set; early morning or late at night. Whatever works best.

2. I tried for perfection but didn't beat myself up if I didn't make it. One day, I really didn't want to do 190 squats, but I told myself to just go through the motions if I had to. And, I probably looked more like one of those Dancing Santas than a budding athlete, but I squatted 190 times.

3. I made my atmosphere pleasant. On one PC screen I had the squat challenge image (to remind me of proper form) and on the other screen I watched videos. (It probably looked like I was worshiping some actor on the screen if you didn't know I was squatting not bowing.)

4. When I rested between sets, I played a computer game that I am very, very bad at. It would take me about 10 seconds to lose, giving me just enough time to catch my breath and be ready to start the next set. Or I would just drink water, but I distracted myself from the physical exertion for a bit.

5. I wore these Dr. Scholl's sandals I have (that used to be advertised as keeping your feet and body in proper alignment) when I did the squats. This made sure that my feet were in the correct position and made it easier to "lead with my rear". Proper footwear helps a lot.

6. I did them near a seat that was at the proper height for the bottom of the squat. So when I was in full squat position, my butt would just brush the seat (I didn't actually sit) and my thighs would be parallel to the floor. This provided good feedback.

7. I used pushpins to mark the sets I had completed. This gave me a visual of what I had done and still needed to do. (Early in the challenge there were a couple of times that I did more than the number for the day because I would space out and forget how many I had already done.)

I hope this will help anyone who wants to do this in the future.


I try to think of exercise like doing the dishes or laundry; I might not necessarily look forward to doing it, but it is necessary.

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Posted: 29 Oct 2013, 18:59
Finally finallySmile I enjoyed the challenge and will definitely keep doing the squats. I did 5 sets of 50 and did them in the course of the day. When we got to the late 100s I decided to incorporate sets of the squats in my work schedule. My office gets really cold so instead of turning on my heater in the office l would get up and do a set of 40, get my heart pumping and then continue what I was doing at my desk. By the end of the day I usually would have done about 3 sets of squats and finalized the rest after my gym workout at home. I think I will keep this up and try another challenge too.

Just started the planking challenge and gosh one never knows how long 20 seconds is until when you have to do a plank Smile

Chad, thanks a lot for this challenge and for the video and I will be sending a friend request on Facebook so that I can start your next challenge if it is not posted on this website.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2013, 10:07
I can't believe the challenge is over and I can say I can do 250 body squats in less then 1 hour. That amazes me.
Chad thank you for posting this challenge.
I plan on doing body squats 5 days a week while at work. It's a great way to start the day.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2013, 19:51
Thank you for this challenge--love having the bragging rights of 250 daily squats!

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