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Announcement: Exercise References
Donna will be posting a reminder each day of our exercises, but just in case, here is a backup copy. Start with your numbers - each week add 10 or more to each week: Monday: Modify Push Up's / Push ...
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started by PamP2012, 6 years ago.   
Announcement: Team Challenge Begins Monday, February 25th-See your team below!
Laurie has broken our group into three teams. Currently each group has eleven members. New members that join this week will be added to a random group as they join. Team Dolvett- Laurie'slife ...
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started by PamP2012, 6 years ago.   
Friday March 29
OK...What have I missed?? Where are you all? Surely I'm not the first to post... Sherry :?
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started by sherryal448.   
Sat Mar. 30
Closed for the HOLIDAYS. Moved to other challenge. Sassy sistas walkabout see you over there............ Laurie
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started by laurieslife, 6 years ago.   
Thursday March 28th.
Rise & Shine Sassies..... Another beautiful day awaits us :d Tea & Fuel in hand..... I am ready for the day! It is cold here in Tampa...39 according to my thermometer.....Brrr :roll:
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started by Sunshine Girl.   
Wednesday March 27
Morning Sistas, Didn't see this so decided to go ahead and start the thread for the day. Anyone notice that the website tracker is different now I like it better I think back the way it was but I ...
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started by Tops4life.   
Sassy Sista's Walkabout Route
Sassy Sista's Walkabout - April 2013 Start End Miles Sault St. Marie ON,CAN Clinton, Michigan 281.00 Clinton, Michigan Maple Heights, ...
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started by PamP2012, 6 years ago.   
Tuesday March 26
Morning, up and out the door,work is waiting. I have my gym bag packed and will go directly to ymca for my first machine toning session I was showed. NO EXCUSES right, cause I already thought of 10 ...
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started by always4me.   
Monday March 25
Team Jillian Sund 22 total = 648 Today I wish you all a mindful , inner peaceful day. Susan travel safe Sandra ty, I get so much from all of you as well. You are all my daily pick me up. On that ...
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started by always4me.   
Sunday March 24
Good morning ! Team JIllian Sat points = 24 total = 626 Have a super day ! I will try and check in later.:)
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started by always4me.   
Happy day!!!
Well ladies I lost 4.4 lbs. this week and I feel so good. I feel like I am making progress and I am on the right track. I have decided to have one vegetarian day a week until I run out of ideas. I hope ...
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started by MrsWorkinprogress1.   
Friday March 22
Morning, Friday yeh.............. Team Jillian Thursd=23 total =577 Give it your all today in no matter what comes your way! Chin up , smile and be the best you , that you can be. so far off today ...
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started by always4me.   
Thursday March 21
Good morning! Methinks I need to not sit on the couch in the evening when I get home, fell asleep again last night. Up bright and early this morning since I need to get to the office early. Pushed ...
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started by PamP2012.   
Wednesday March 20
Morning Team Jillian Tuesd = 17 total =518 Sherry when you are able to post back on here let me know your total points on the days you missed and we will add em in. off to work, have a super day ! ...
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started by always4me.   
Tuesday March 19
Morning ! Team Jillian Mon points =18 total =501 Sherry , oh Sherry I need my Sherry ! where are you? We miss ya Donna whats shaking girl.....hope the ankle is a little better , they say it is such ...
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started by always4me.