Mini-Challenge - Log in and take note of all the good choices you made today.



Reinforcing the good choices you made each and every day will help you rewire your brain so you can make those choices on auto-pilot.

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Day by Day Results

Day 7 71% Successful
Day 6 57% Successful
Day 5 92% Successful
Day 4 87% Successful
Day 3 100% Successful
Day 2 80% Successful
Day 1 90% Successful

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Successful: 08 Feb 10 by kimbalina
"Even though I was feeling not so great after a little too much Superbowl ..."
Successful: 08 Feb 10 by Romak
"This site is great for keeping me aware of everything I'm eating and d ..."
Successful: 08 Feb 10 by SweetDanaKay
"Clean the whole house instead of sitting on my but doing nothing on Sunday!"
Failed: 07 Feb 10 by EatRunLive
"I have to drink more water. I think if I just drink a cup full of water ..."
Successful: 07 Feb 10 by RenaissanceWoman
"Went to an RV show and during a break my husband had ice cream. I had ..."
Successful: 06 Feb 10 by beets_yum
"Logging in even though I missed my goals on a few points. Still focusing ..."
Successful: 06 Feb 10 by poet-in-motion
"Holding myself accountable to me buddies here at Fat Secret really helps! ..."
Successful: 04 Feb 10 by ShortRound
"I did NOT delve into the sugary snacks today. I forced myself to eat my ..."

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