Mini-Challenge - Did you meet your goals?



If not, figure out why. And not something like, "I can't follow through." Something constructive. Something you can fix. "I didn't prepare my snacks ahead of time," or "I stayed up too late on FS so I couldn't get out of bed when the alarm went off."

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Day by Day Results

Day 7 71% Successful
Day 6 50% Successful
Day 5 78% Successful
Day 4 82% Successful
Day 3 70% Successful
Day 2 70% Successful
Day 1 85% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 08 Feb 10 by Romak
"This was a great Induction week and it coincided with my challenge week. ..."
Successful: 08 Feb 10 by SweetDanaKay
"SO proud of myself!"
Failed: 07 Feb 10 by EatRunLive
"Got snowed in and was boredd and started munching through the walls of ..."
Failed: 07 Feb 10 by RenaissanceWoman
"I wanted to snack last night, so I had a whole bag (small) bag of pecans. ..."
Failed: 06 Feb 10 by beets_yum
"I didn't meet all of my goals today. I'm at my MIL's, I'm exhausted. I ..."
Failed: 06 Feb 10 by poet-in-motion
"I have been struggling by swinging from one extreme to the other - carb ..."
Failed: 04 Feb 10 by ShortRound
"I let my sugar cravings get away with me and then I didn't get on my bike ..."
Failed: 04 Feb 10 by amberly
"I just ate a few chocolate chips...I don't know why that would stop me ..."
Successful: 03 Feb 10 by Densible
"YES! No booze since Sunday and exercise every day. "
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