Mini-Challenge - Make a plan. In the back of your mind (or maybe the front) you KNOW what is holding you back.



No sugar? More sleep? Fewer non-nutritious snacks? Five minutes of positive thinking a day? Daily exercise? YOU decide.

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Successful: 02 Feb 10 by kimbalina
"Not enough exercise because of long work hours and short daylight hours."
Successful: 02 Feb 10 by RenaissanceWoman
"I had .25 cup of walnut - I know Atkins warns us to stay away because we ..."
Successful: 02 Feb 10 by joannete
"Drink more water each day"
Successful: 02 Feb 10 by LauraJo98
"I committed myself to the Atkins Induction Phase to kick myself in gear ..."
Failed: 02 Feb 10 by SweetDanaKay
"Ate some popcorn after 7pm.....Need to stand firm on that, and didn't go ..."
Successful: 02 Feb 10 by Samadhi
"Going to lose 1/2 lb per week until I reach my final goal of 125 by in ..."
Successful: 02 Feb 10 by poet-in-motion
"Impulsive choices are holding me back! I am resolute to be mindful during ..."

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