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happy results
I lost 2 lbs in 7 days. very happy with the results.
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started by Katlefae, 9 years ago.   
Dieting Nightmare!!!!!!!!
Ok, so not only is it Superbowl weekend, but I am also stuck in the house due to a blizzard! Wish me luck :-)
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started by Mrs12BLean.   
4th day of Challenge
I failed...badly today. It was snowy and I went baking and overdosed on cookies and the munchies got ahold of me. I did however, run outside despite the snow. So. Will do better tomorrow.
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started by EatRunLive, 9 years ago.   
More than halfway there
I'm happy to have made it this far! Only the weekend to go, everybody. I have a course all weekend, which is good for me because I make my "lunch" ahead of time and keep grazing throughout ...
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started by Romak, 9 years ago.   
Seven days
Plan: Start on Atkins Goals: Seven days of Induction (to start) Weight loss: unknown amount! Tracking all my meals Journaling If I can do this for seven days, I'll be halfway ...
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started by Romak.   
No desserts for 1 week - Join me!
My goal for the Seven Days Challenge is to not eat any sweets for the week! This is the perfect week because my boss brought in cookies today and will bring in donughts and muffins on Wednesday. Then this ...
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started by mms0823, 9 years ago.   
Exercise more
I think if I exercise more I may be able to get past this plateau. So that is my challenge!
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started by GinaPadina, 9 years ago.   
Just Joined
I just joined this site five minutes ago and this challenge is exactly what I need right now! I look forward to getting to know you guys. Thanks for the support!
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started by RenaissanceWoman.   
Every evil mastermind needs a plan!
1. Walk 2 miles, at least twice a week. a. try to do it in under 30 minutes b. have my time down to 20 minutes by e/o month 2. Cook cook cook! a. keep on track with preparing healthy meals b. ...
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started by Whitespider, 9 years ago.   
Write it Down!
I will be keeping a food diary for everyting I am eating. I just finished 2 weeks of the Jorge Cruise Belly Fat Cure plan and only lost 2.5 lbs. So, I don't think that worked for me. I'm really ...
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started by Mrs12BLean, 9 years ago.   
My Main Goal
Stop drinking wine during the week! I could lose more weight quicker if I stopped that - duh! During this 7-day challenge I won't drink, period. :d
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started by Gingerdc9.   
this is a perfect time to challenge myself to keep up with my food diary, count the calories, carbs and fat; and reap the rewards in a week. can't wait!!!
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started by bellofree, 9 years ago.   
Seven Day plan for a better me
1. No desserts/Fruit Allowed 2. No eating after 7pm 3. Six Small Meals a Day 4. No Cheese/More Protein 5. To bed at 9:30 6. No soda...more water 7. 30 minutes a day of positive thinking and jou ...
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started by SweetDanaKay, 9 years ago.   
Break the fast food habit!
I've been eating well in the mornings and afternoons, but have a habit of waiting until I'm overly hungry to eat supper... and then making bad decisions that often involve a drive-thru. This week ...
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started by Amanda415, 9 years ago.   
I'm in
Great idea. I have been thinking about the fact that my snacks are not really great in nutritional value and I want to start adding more fruits and veggies into my diet. This challenge will be a good ...
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started by lheeney.   

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