Mini-Challenge - Learn more about "sugar-free" alternatives



Many people stop eating refined sugar only to replace it with "diet" items or sugar substitutes. Use the internet to look up this sugar substitutes and educate yourself about what they really do to your body.

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Failed: 14 Mar 14 by S0786
"Did great last week but 2nd week start is not as good as it was for 1st. ..."
Successful: 10 Mar 14 by JenSinMA
"Read about xylitol, coconut sugar, monk fruit extract, and what to look ..."
Failed: 08 Mar 14 by chunkynire
"Amazingly I did this. Why is it that when you try and give something up, ..."
Successful: 08 Mar 14 by ABSolutelyAthletic
"Easy Work"
Successful: 04 Mar 14 by dumb-blonde
"I did give in to homemade tiramisu tho ;-/"
Successful: 03 Mar 14 by etkfxrwife
"Yes, that is something I have been researching for a while now but still ..."

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