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12 Weeks to focus on a healthier you.


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4 mini-challenges have been created for this challenge:

1. Make exercise fun!!!

Guidelines: Even 10 to 15 minutes a day has been shown to promote stress relief and increase fitness. More of course is better but work up to it. Do something that makes you happy so you will accomplish it instead of consider it a "job".
weeks 1 to 12

2. Track your foods!

Guidelines: Tracking is always suggested. Update your cookbook while watching your favorite TV show or the news and weather.
weeks 1 to 12

3. Share your journey if you choose

Guidelines: Sassy challenges are supportive. We chat a lot!! unlike most challenges. We help each other on all kinds of things in our lives. Many of us have become great friends. Much of our chit chat is about our lives not always weight or fitness related. Join in we all want to get to know you.
weeks 1 to 12

4. Hydration

Guidelines: Being dehydrated stops your body's cells from functioning properly. It can make you feel tired, give you headaches, and make you constipated, and that's just for starters! Make sure that you drink enough liquids. For most people that's around 2.5 litres per day, but you can find online calculators to work out what you personally should drink. Sweet or alcoholic drinks don't count towards this, and at least half of what you drink should be plain water.
weeks 1 to 12

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We may have some new Sassies joining us so I thought we'd use this thread for intros. My name is Sarah I live in the southeast part of Kansas near the Kansas Oklahoma border. I work full time and ...
by Tops4life on 13 Feb 19 04:14 PM
I'm here, lets do this
by Zer0_to_HERO on 10 Feb 19 12:23 PM

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ending: Monday 20 May 19 (last day)
duration: 12 Weeks
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created: 10 February 2019

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