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Posted: 18 Jun 2013, 20:08
wow yahoooooooooooo to all of you....... way to go.......

Donna ouch ! glad you can still walk. Yes post what you would like us to do tomorrow ....

off to watch the voice. enjoy Smile
Denise Smile

Today I will take it 1 minute at a time !

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Posted: 18 Jun 2013, 20:19
What?!?!?!?! I feel like i've won a Grammy!!!! Yes! You girls are the best!!! Keep each other motivated!!!

Quitting is NOT an option!

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Posted: 18 Jun 2013, 22:10
WOOT WOOT way to go all of you!!! Keep up the great work. Don't go back to bad habits in between our challenges. I did today!

Thanks for the well wishes. I didn't eat much today and then when supper came around, I chowed. Not bad but had tons of mashed potato's and a few sugar cookies. Need to stop. 10 pounds til ONEderland.

Better get some sleep. Hubby says I feel feverish. He is off tomorrow to interview for another job!

Night all and Donna I hope your rear heals quickly! Did I ever tell you I jammed my other pinky toe a few weeks ago. Ugh not as bad but darn that hurts!

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