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Weight loss pledge
I'm shooting for a goal of losing 12 pounds by 8/29. That will put me at 155. It's a tad ambitious for me at this point in my journey, but still attainable. 8)
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started by Sandy701.   
Week 12 Post
It looks like I only lost 6.4 of the 10 lbs I have pledge. I don't think I'm going to make it as I injured my knee this last week. I'm amazed to see that all together we have lost almost ...
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started by Zagareen, 8 years ago.   
Week 9
I just realized I have lost 6 of the 10 I pledged. Maybe I'm going to make it after all!
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started by BuffyBear, 8 years ago.   
I pledge...
to lose 10 pounds during this challenge =)
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started by CBsunshineRN.   
My current weight per this site is 201.4. I will be updating that on Wednesday so it is not really fair for me to use it as a starting weight. My guess is that my current weight is around 195 but again, ...
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started by esimnons.   
Pledging to lose 20
I am shooting for the stars but will fight for at least 20 before the end of the challenge.
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started by kmartin.   
Pound Plge
I pledge to lose 20lbs by the beginning of next school year with proper exercise and diet. I pledge Pilate as a stress reliever and to drink water I pledge this to myself, my children, my hubby, and my ...
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started by mrsvondrak.   
My pledge
I would like to lose 40 lbs, I can set my goal for it but let's go w/ pledging at least 30. Oh it's going to be so tough. I believe stress doesn't I right? Good look to everyone!!:d
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started by Kbracero.   
I pledge to lose 30lbs
I'm going to take it one day at a time.
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started by Maddy17, 8 years ago.   
My Commitment
Lose 6.6 lbs. in 4 week(s) Start: 6 Jun 2011 Initial weight: 135.60 lbs. Target weight: 129.00 lbs. Target pace: 1.65 lbs. per week Contract End: 4 Jul 2011 Contract Length: 4 week(s) My ...
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started by lilrunner, 8 years ago.   
My pledge
I commit myself to losing 11.5 pounds in the next 12 weeks. That will bring me to 135 lbs, and an acceptable BMI.:)
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started by Congogirl, 8 years ago.   
I Pledge 16 lbs- if you're aiming for 10-20 yourself, let's stick together!
Go Team! :)
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started by Jacq130, 8 years ago.   
Well here I am...
I don't normally join these but will give it a go. I will be eating later than 8pm though, but the rest I can follow happily. I hope to lose 5 pounds by September. I know this doesn't sound ...
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started by squigglywiggly.   
I pledge 25 pounds
Ok here we go everyone!!! We can do this I have faith in myself and the rest of you that we can all reach our goals!! Good luck!!!
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started by jennybowman, 8 years ago.   
I pledge to lose 24lbs
Here we go. Hoping for the best for myself and everyone else on this challenge. Good luck everyone.
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started by Coryna, 8 years ago.   

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