Progress Details - Week 10

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Period ending: 18 Oct 09

constancenj Week 10: 0.83%  (Down 1.5 lb) Total: 3.51%  (Down 6.5 lb)
wantfitin Week 10: 0.26%  (Down 0.5 lb) Total: 4.57%  (Down 9.1 lb)
Kiss08 Week 10: no result. -
ACamargo Week 10: no result. -
NicoB Week 10: no result. -
shadowcat Week 10: no result. -
renaemd Week 10: no result. -
jen2681 Week 10: no result. -
Sharikay1 Week 10: no result. -
Mavieboy Week 10: no result. -
brista Week 10: no result. -
AlgaeGirl Week 10: no result. -
abbyamour Week 10: no result. -
prettylittleclavicle Week 10: no result. -

Mini Challenge Results

Run 3 Times Per Week

Make sure you have restdays in between each run!

Results for everyone:

Mini Challenge Results

Share Your Motivation

Do run outside or in the gym? which days were the hardest and what helped you keep going? Have you noticed any benefits from doing the intervals? Please post weekly with your news!

Results for everyone:

Mini Challenge Results

Week 10 Graduation

Did you make it to the final week? Can you now run for 5km without stopping and wanting to rip your lungs out and legs off? Well done if you did! Have 100 house points and share what treat you are rewarding yourself with! (Remember treats that ARE NOT food based are always better!!)

Results for everyone:

Progress Summary - Week 10

All Participants 0.54%  (Down 2.0 lb)
based on 2 weigh ins for week 10
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